The Candle light in the Darkness

An ancient force sacred and supreme

To unlock from her heart modern man could only dream

Once thought to be his purpose but no longer reserves this

Though once upon a time she was thought to be Divine

Until she demonstrated a quality inherent and part of her soul

A powerful dual nature caused man to lose control

Labeled a Witch! Burned at the stake!

Little did he know the consequences were great


Wondering the void

Inner screams of desperation

He yearns for her heart

and her forgotten Inspiration.


Poem written by James, the owner of this page. This poem was inspired by an essay I wrote below this one called “A Grand View”. I felt the essay was a bit sloppy and not linear and since I think I’m better with quick and short “aphorism” type of expression, I turned it into a poem.

My Aphorisms

 “Most people today behave as if it were much easier to hate someone for something than it is to forgive themselves for something similar.”

Just because you notice something you don’t like, doesn’t mean you have to react to it.”

The people you feel deserve respect the least need it the most.”

The universe utilizes every piece of creation as an equally valuable asset to her survival.”

“Don’t mistaken education for intelligence.”